Medical Information and Hospital Statistics

Medical Information

In 2004, the hospital had 260 410 total visits. Of this total, 194 645 or 74.75% of these were first visits. Of all the total visits, 38 125 patients (14.64%) were seen by a doctor.

Hospital Statistics

470 beds

Ten different wards:
Ward I Gynaecology
Ward II Medical Male
Ward III Medical Female
Ward IV Surgery Female
Ward V Maternity
Ward VI Surgery Male & ICU
Ward VII Paediatric
Ward IX Communicable diseases
Ward X Private Ward
Ward XI Not currently in use but to be a low cost ward for patients.

Many smaller clinics and services as well:

General, Maternal, General Medical, and Special Outpatient divisions.
Eye clinic
Dental clinic
Rehabilitation therapy
X ray Department
Operating Theatre
Onandjokwe Chapel
Social Work
Physical Therapy
Antenatal Care
Pathology laboratory run by Namibia Institute of Pathology specializing in clinical laboratory testing.
Environmental Health Services
Kitchen with catering services
In house machine and labor workshop
A Nursing college with a student population of between 100 and 150 every year. The college usually admits 50 - 70 per entry year. The college is a two-year program culminating in a Certificate as an enrolled nurse and midwife.
Katonyala, a Voluntary Counselling and Testing centre for HIV/AIDS as well as providing counselling for STDs. Also a location for Childline/Lifeline Namibia, an NGO specializing in child welfare.
Shanamutango, building dedicated to HIV awareness and prevention. Services include: Prevention Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT), Antenatal Care (ANC), Antiretroviral (ARV) Pharmacy.
Nashikwele, a building dedicated to provide housing for pregnant mothers who live far from the hospital and are expecting to give birth within a few days.

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