Shanamutango Centre for Integrated Care and Support


The Shanamutango centre is the newest building at Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital and it has many services which are important to know about:

Important aspects of Shanamutango:

Most of the building is used for Integrated Care and Support. The building is used for many types of care and support of integrated Care. The centre is designed for ease in patient flow. As the patient enters the building they go directly to the reception where their health passport is checked. From the reception they are directed to a certain area depending on what is the patient needs. If they are new to the program they will be tested to deteremine their CD4 cell count to see if they are eligible to start treatment. If they are a patient recently enrolled in treatment, they go for an initial consulation with a nurse and a doctor. Finally, if they are a patient coming for follow up they go directly to the nurse, followed by the doctor and then to the pharmacy.

Shanamutango is currently using the Rapid Testing system to determine the HIV status in a person. This is a test that can be done quickly and effectively and the patient will then know their status in less than 15 minutes. The test is done by taking a few drops of blood and putting them on a special piece of paper to determine the results. The procedure is very accurate and is constantly kept in check in case of any discrepancies.

After checking in, the patient goes to the nurse who takes the vital information of the patient such as height, weight, blood pressure and determines if the patient is having any complaints about their medication. If need be, the patient then leaves the nurses’ office and waits at the office directly next door for the doctor. After the consultation with the doctor, the patient goes directly to the pharmacy which is located nest door. The patient gives their file to the pharmacist who is able to determine the dosage and dispense medication. The patient is then counseled by the ARV adherence counselor.

Antenatal care – this department is dedicated to educating mothers on proper preparation of mothers to give birth. Education on breastfeeding, proper nutrition, and the importance of being tested for HIV before giving birth are all covered here.

Shanamutango has been funded by the United States' Government Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief or PEPFAR. The centre itself was recently featured in a speech by President Bush on World AIDS Day 2005. A full transcript of the speech can be read here

Visit some of Shanamutango's partnering agencies to see what they are doing about HIV/AIDS both in Namibia and the world. A full list can be seen here

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